Build Strong, Long-lasting Relationships with Asset Owners

Provide the best investment expertise to your clients and help them solve their unique investment challenges.

How it works

Zermelo connects you with asset owners in 4 easy steps. 

Step 1
Asset owners anonymously post their investment goals on our platform.
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Step 2
Your thought-leadership is displayed on our personalized news feed.
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Step 3
Asset owners request you to create a tailored investment proposal.
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Step 4
Asset owners work with you to meet their unique investment goals.
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Get connected to asset owners before they issue an RFP

For Asset Managers

Zermelo democratizes access to asset owners so that asset managers with the best ideas win, not the ones with the best network.  

Always stay informed

Zermelo is a single source of client needs that helps you tailor your approach.

Scale your distribution

Solved a challenge for a client? We'll connect you to other potential clients with similar needs.

Converting more leads

We put your thought leadership in the hands of those who need it, at the right time.

Shaping the Future of Asset Management

Zermelo’s technology helps asset managers partner up with more clients, solve their unique investment challenges, and build stronger relationships with them.  


For Investment Consultants

Accelerated Growth for Investment Consultants

Zermelo enables investment consultants to increase the scalability, efficiency, and profitability of their advisory business. We ensure you give your clients specialized recommendations from leading asset managers along-side a seamless digital experience. 

A Better Way to Meet Client Needs

Our democratized platform helps you build partnerships with leading asset managers and asset owners. Now you can solve strategic investment challenges for your clients in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.  

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