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A digital marketplace for institutional investors to source tailored recommendations and solve strategic investment challenges.


More Speed and Better Quality

Receive and compare tailored investment proposals from leading asset managers and make real-time, data-driven decisions.

Step 1
Asset owners anonymously post their investment goals on our platform.
Step 2
Asset managers display thought-leadership on our personalized news feed.
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Step 3
Asset owners request managers to create a tailored investment proposal.
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Step 4
Asset owners work with asset managers to meet their unique investment goals.

Modernizing the engagement process

Automate your engagement with asset managers and get rid of the tedious, manual approach. Our automated approach makes finding, requesting, and evaluating tailored investment proposals simple and fast.

Focus on what matters most

Asset managers display the most relevant thought-leadership on our personalized news feed. They share clear, concise summaries and help you extract key information in less than a minute.

More Knowledge. More Collaboration. More Innovation. 

Asset owners today need more innovation and collaboration to meet their goals. Zermelo is a platform that enables asset owners to truly partner up with leading asset managers and design cross-asset solutions leveraging shared knowledge and experience. 

Asset Management Evolved

Zermelo is the future of asset management. Join this new investment ecosystem that puts your needs at the core of the engagement with asset managers.

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We put the unique needs of each asset owner at the heart of everything we do

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We started Zermelo because we saw the disparity between the high-quality, custom solutions available and the relatively small number of asset owners that invest in them.
Our vision is to create a new ecosystem for investing that is designed to give asset owners, asset managers and consultants an efficient and cost-effective way to collaborate on custom investment solutions tailored to the needs of each asset owner.


Ernst Zermelo was a German Mathematician who did a lot of work on the foundations of mathematics. He proved the first major theorem of game theory using proof by backward induction. This process of starting from the end and working backwards for the optimal solution is how we think the asset management industry should work. Asset managers should start with the end client goal / outcome and work to find the best solution to deliver that.